Glasgow Reds Liverpool Supporters Club

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Venue

What venue do you use to meet for matches?

The Glasgow Reds OLSC meet for all Liverpool matches at The Record Factory, located at 17 Byres Road, Glasgow, G11 5RD.

Are children allowed in the venue?

Children are welcome, accompanied by an adult, until 20:00, 7 days per week. So, any games other than the 19:45 kick off's are fine to bring the kids along.

  • Membership

Do you charge for membership?

We charge £5 per person per season for membership.

What do I get for my membership?

Discounted drinks and food at The Record Factory using your membership card and access to Match tickets, Group Travel, Club Events, LFC Events, Sporting Events and much more...

Does Membership close at some point?

No, Glasgow Reds OLSC membership remains throughout the season, and we welcome anyone to join us.

Do I NEED to become a member to watch the matches with you?

Not at all, The Record Factory is open to all Redmen, members or not! Member benefits will not apply should you remain a non-member.

  • What is expected of members?

So, what are the Glasgow Reds OLSC all about?

We are an active OLSC, meaning we meet for all games irrespective of the date, the competition, the importance of the game, the weather, our family responsibilities. We've all got numerous other things in our life, but if LFC is one of those things, we couldn't think of anywhere better than with the Glasgow Reds OLSC.

Am I guaranteed a ticket through the season?

Short answer... No.

How do I earn the chance to get on a trip?

Being an active OLSC, showing up regularly at The Record Factory for the matches and becoming part of the group will mean that you will be in the reckoning for upcoming trips.

Is it just longer standing members that get the tickets?

Absolutely not. Over the past two seasons over 68% of tickets have went to new members in their first or second season with us.

  • Ticket & Travel Packages

How do I apply for a Ticket & Travel package?

The Glasgow Reds OLSC will send out a communication via email to members advising them of the opportunity to apply for a Ticket & Travel package, which members can reply to by following the simple steps in the email. Your application is confirmation that you understand all of the stipulations set out on this page and agree to all costs.

How do you decide who gets awarded a Ticket & Travel package?

The Glasgow Reds OLSC have consistently rewarded members for their regular participation in the club, by attending match meetings at The Record Factory and other events, we are not a ticket office. Furthermore, the majority of our tickets each season go to new members in their debut season as a Glasgow Reds OLSC member.


How much is a Ticket & Travel package?

The cost has been frozen for the 2017/18 season at £75 per adult, £60 per child (accompanied by a parental guardian or responsible adult). This will include return travel from Glasgow to Liverpool.

What else do I need?

Anyone wishing to enter Anfield must hold an Official LFC Membership. These can be obtained from LFC directly at any time throughout the season. No exceptions will be made to this rule, the Glasgow Reds OLSC will not tolerate card swapping.

Will I be advised if I was successful or not?

All successful applicants will be contacted via email directly with confirmation and payment details. Due to high levels of requests, unsuccessful applicants will not be emailed personally. Allocations are usually completed in five days from release. If you got one, you'll know about it!

What should I consider before applying for a Ticket & Travel package?

  1. By applying for a Ticket & Travel package, you are agreeing to all of the stipulations laid out on this page, the costs and the terms of the trip which will be confirmed by the committee.
  2. You should be in a position to pay for your package immediately if requested by us, or at least within a reasonable timescale as set by the Glasgow Reds OLSC.
  3. You should ensure that you are available for the specified fixture as per the advertised date on the fixtures page of the official LFC website, all are subject to change by the Premier League.
  4. All packages are sold on a Ticket & Travel basis, therefore we will assume you will be travelling with us on both legs of the journey, which is standard practice.

What if I can’t make the trip after applying?

As above, you should not apply for a Ticket & Travel package unless you are comfortable that you adhere to the four points above. Your application is confirmation that you understand all of the stipulations outlined on this page and that you agree that you will be liable for the full cost of the package in the event that a replacement passenger cannot be found.

What are my refund or exchange options?

As a non-profit organization, we do not offer refunds in the event that you have paid for a Ticket & Travel package but now (for any reason) you cannot travel. However, we will do everything in our power to find a replacement passenger who will take your place on the trip. We will not allow you to reassign your ticket or travel to anyone else, all changes must be undertaken by the committee.

How do I pay for my Ticket & Travel package?

The only method of payment permitted by the Glasgow Reds OLSC is PayPal, although we constantly review the options we have available. However, PayPal is free facility is available to anyone with a bank account and an internet connection. More details can be found at When submitting any payment to the Glasgow Reds OLSC, who simply facilitate your access to Anfield and do not provide you with a paid service, you must ensure you select the “sending money to friends and family” option to ensure neither of us are charged for the transaction. Any payments which result in a charge to the Glasgow Reds OLSC will be refunded and a refund charge will be levied on your next payment.

How will I know where to meet the bus or after the match?

The committee will release specifics for every particular trip detailing the plans for before and after the match, this communication will be sent to your registered email address and we will presume you have read these thoroughly and expect that these instructions will be adhered to by you without fail.

What if I have alternative travel arrangements but would like to apply?

The committee will consider serious applications from members in the event that you cannot travel with us. You should submit as much information about your situation as possible when applying for this to considered. Should you have been awarded a ticket without advising us you will not be travelling, we reserve the right to reallocate your Ticket & Travel package to another member.

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